Tekken 6 For PC Highly Compressed (Torrent) Free Download

Tekken 6 For PC is one of the top games of the 21st century. People have a huge crush on this game. Amazing fighting experience, beautiful characters, and 3d graphics attract players to this game. Besides, this game was only available on Play Station. But over time, developers made this game in the PC version. Users can also play this game on their personal computers and Laptop. They do need to buy a PlayStation and a CD to play this game.

Tekken 6 For PC

They can easily play Tekken 6 Torrent 2024 with the download button, which is given on this website, without any worry. Likewise, Tekken 6 for PC is an error-free and fully verified game by the world’s top developer. No virus in this game could be harmful to your computer. Moreover, download and enjoy this game on your personal computer.

The name Tekken suggests one of the most known names since childhood. We loved to play Tekken 3 For PC back in 2005. But with the passage of time team of Tekken has launched some more new versions such as Tekken 4, Tekken 5 For PC, and Tekken 6.

Every version has its features and some unique Characters. Likewise, Tekken 6 Highly Compressed has 40 characters and some extraordinary features. Every character has their own fighting experience, and their fight mostly relates to martial Arts such as kickboxing, karate, etc.

To some extent, Namco games develop this version unique because you also have some tournament options. And the most important part is that you have 8 more characters than in the previous version of this game. This game also has combat animations, a beautiful environment, and great combo strikes, which make your experience more memorable.  You can Download All Tekken Games From TekkenPC. Let’s play and have fun!!

Tekken 6 PC Download


Tekken 6 PC Highly Compressed introduces several new mechanics to the series. The most significant addition is the “Rage” system. Once a character’s health falls below a certain point, they enter Rage mode, which significantly increases their attack power for a short period. This new feature adds a dramatic comeback mechanic to matches, providing another layer of strategy to gameplay.

Another new addition is the “Bound” system, which allows players to extend their juggle combos by slamming opponents into the ground, causing them to bounce and providing the opportunity for additional attacks. This new mechanic adds depth to the combo system, rewarding skilled players with increased damage potential.

Tekken 6 Full Version also features a “Breakable Environment and Wall System”, where characters can now interact with their surroundings, such as falling through floors, crashing into walls, or even knocking opponents through barriers, adding another dynamic layer to the fights. You can get all the information about the Tekken PC from the Blog section.

Tekken 6 Game Modes

  • Story Mode:

This is where the main plot of Tekken 6 unfolds. Each character has a unique storyline, ending with a boss fight against the antagonist, Azazel.

  • Arcade Mode:

This is a classic mode where you choose a character and battle through several rounds against AI opponents. The difficulty increases as you progress.

  • Ghost Battle:

It is an endless mode where you fight AI-controlled ‘ghost’ characters. The more you win, the higher your rank.

  • Survival Mode: 

In this mode, your goal is to defeat as many opponents as possible with a single life bar.

  • Time Attack:

You fight against opponents in a race against the clock.

  • Versus Mode:

Allows two players to battle each other, ideal for playing against friends locally.

  • Practice Mode:

This is where you can practice and learn the moves of different characters without any pressure.

  • Scenario Campaign:

A beat-em-up mode, where you navigate through different levels, fighting AI enemies and bosses.

Tekken 6 Highly Compressed

Features of Tekken 6 For PC

The features of Tekken 6 are very beautiful and extraordinary. Features are given below:

  • 3D Graphics:

Tekken 6 PC Torrent 2024 has 3d graphics, which attract players to this game. Fighting experience with 3D graphics makes this game more memorable for the players.

  • Addition in Characters:

In the previous version of this game, we have only 32 characters. But in this game, we have 8 more characters to play and enjoy this game. Every character has its own unique qualities and fighting experience.

  • Weapons:

In Tekken 6 PC Torrent, you have options to choose your weapon to fight. You can choose any weapon as per your needs and requirements. You are not bound to play with only the default is given weapon.

  • Beautiful Environment:

The best thing about this game is that it has a beautiful environment to play in. Eye-catching graphics and a unique environment make this game more memorable for the players.

  • No Need to be Pro:

In this game, you don’t need to be a pro. Even a newbie or Nob player can easily play this game. Because the interface of this game is very easy to understand. Moreover, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Tekken 6 for PC.

  • Bound System:

This is a new mechanic that allows players to extend their combos by making an opponent bounce off the ground.

  • Customization:

Players can customize their favorite characters with a wide range of costumes and accessories, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

  • Scenario Campaign:

Tekken 6 PC Torrent introduces a new single-player mode called “Scenario Campaign”, which combines a beat-up gameplay style with an engaging story.

Tekken 6 Torrent

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons are given below:


  • The colors and visuals of this game are extraordinary.
  • Very simple and straightforward word to play.
  • People of every age can enjoy and play this game.
  • No need to be a pro to play this game.
  • Customization gives you multiple chances to customize characters as per your needs.


  • Sometimes it required more speed and time when loading.
  • It might be on some PCs you face errors while downloading and installing.
  • Hard to play on Pentium computers.

System Requirements

The system requirements of this game are given below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,10 and 11.
  • Processor: Core 2 Do and above.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Free Hard Disk: 648 Mb.
  • Graphic Card: Built-in is enough.
  • The Sound Card is built in enough.
  • The mouse and Keyboard are also very Important.

Developer & Publishers

Name Tekken 6
Developers Namco
Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Rating 8.9 out of 10
Release Date 2007 Officially Launch for PC

How to Download and Install Tekken 6 For PC?

To download Tekken 6 For PC, you have some given steps:

  • Click on the given download button and follow the steps.
  • Then wait until it is fully downloaded.
  • Then go into your download manager in your C drive and find the Tekken 6 Zip File.
  • Click on the file and extract the file.
  • After that, you will find the setup of the game.
  • Click on the setup and follow the full steps to install it better.
  • After installation, restart your PC or Laptop and enjoy the beautiful addition of the Tekken 6 on your Personal computer and Laptop.


The whole article discusses the Tekken 6 Highly Compressed For PC and its features and download options. We also discussed its gameplay and the pros and cons. As we discussed information in detail and particular manner. But still, if you people have any questions or confusion, you can ask me in the given comment box. We will try to resolve your queries. Play and enjoy the amazing fighting Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Can we play plat Tekken 6 on our PC?

Ans: Yes, you can play on your PC. But you have to fulfill the given system requirements.

Q: How can I play Tekken on my Laptop?

Ans: It’s very simple and straightforward. Just read the download steps very carefully. In this way, you can easily enjoy the fighting experience.

Q: Can we run this game without the Graphics Card?

Ans: No, you cannot run. A Graphics card is mandatory.

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